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Dynamic Turnkey Pricing

Turnkey Pricing Solution

Manage and optimize pricing strategies with PricingHUB.

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Deploy your pricing strategies and optimize your prices on a large scale.

Customer centric

Your prices are adjusted according to different criteria: competition, inventory, consumer price sensitivity.


Deploy your pricing strategies across all of your stores and marketplaces and Web.

Automation & Real Time

Your prices are optimized and applied at the desired frequency.


Our application is flexible, customizable and adapts to your business constraints.


You don’t need to be a pricing expert to use our application, thanks to our intuitive platform.


Our team of pricing experts will work with you from deployment of the application to optimizing your business performance.


The incremental impact of your pricing actions is monitored and displayed in your dashboard.

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In addition to revolutionizing our pricing strategy and supporting our teams in this culture of change, PricingHUB has enabled us to achieve very good performance!”

Carole Prat

Pricing Director, Fnac Darty Group

The interface of the turnkey pricing solution allows to analyze the different pricing metrics

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