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Our pricing glossary

PricingHUB offers you a comprehensive glossary of marketing, pricing and management concepts. With the PricingHUB glossary, boost your knowledge to boost your business

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Distribution channels
Cross selling
Customer centric
Price elasticity
Sales index
Pricing AI

Calculating a margin
Back margin
Front margin
Gross margin
Sales margin
Net margin

Price bundling
Selling price
Psychological price
Price image

Relative price
Safety stock
Brand rate
Up selling
Yield management
Dynamic pricing

Each of our articles introduces you to a technical term that deserves to be explored in greater depth in order to develop your business. For example, you can learn more about margins or the different levers that will enable you to analyze and improve your sales strategy. Each concept is explained simply, so that you can quickly understand and master it. You’ll also find useful calculations to help you make the right sales decisions, as well as some examples of how other companies have put them into practice.

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