Automate your Pricing Strategy

The best in class Saas dynamic pricing tool for retailers

  • Our Saas Solution is a scalable Revenue Management tool that allows you to optimise the pricing of your product catalogue to achieve different business goals.
  • You can visualize real time your performance and measure value creation.
  • Working with us also means that you have access to a set of pricing experts that will help you write a success story!

Result Oriented

Optimization of different business
targets per category taking into
account the relative constraints

Data Driven

Our application allows you to
leverage product elasticity at
the most granular level


Manage a very large product
catalogue on multiple point
of sales (web & store)


Automate your price calculations and
free your team from hours of
manual spreadsheet-based pricing


Our methodology allows you to reduce
noise coming from external factors
such as seasonality or promotions.


We constantly update the application
with new use cases to allow you
to manage complexity of pricing

Understanding Price Elasticity

Our approach is based on building an elasticity curve of your products and  understanding how much price variance is driving sales, volume, and profit.

During the Learning Phase our machine learning algorithms compute (in)elasticity pockets at the most granular level. We cluster your inventory as well as customer demand price sensitivity!

During the Optimization Phase we push pricing recommendations gathered from the previous phase and analyse their outcomes in order to identify the best pricing configuration that will optimise for the set business targets.

Why Dynamic Pricing works with
Pricing HUB


We build the elasticity curve rather than trying to predict it.

Our models are based on understanding price elasticity at a specific moment in time within a given competitive context. To achieve this we develop reinforced learning models that constantly run pricing tests and measure performance vs business goals.

We isolate noise impacting demand

Most competitors use predictive models that leverage past data to create a pricing structure for any given product. These pricing strategies run the risk of being biased toward external events (promotions, seasonality, marketing campaigns, etc.) and are subject to a lot of data noise.

Our value creation is measurable

To rigorously measure value creation, we use a sturdy data-science framework to build the best possible proxy for an A/B test. 

No predictive black box: we display the key information needed to understand a price recommendation we have made before it even goes live.

We do the heavy lifting and build the data model

You give us access to the needed data sources and once the data lake is up and running we can start working. From here a 6 weeks learning phase is enough to train our AI and be able to start optimizing.

Our customer success team trains you and helps you to set-up the pricing optimization application so you can start to optimise your pricing strategy.


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