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A differentiating approach

Price elasticity at the heart of our solution

(Re)place your customers at the center of your pricing strategy! With PricingHUB, measure the price sensitivity of your consumers.

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your margins

Improve your conversion rates

Detect business opportunities

Adjust prices across your entire catalog

A determining element

The context

You have to be ready to adjust your pricing at any time and quickly, according to the consumer context. This includes the competition. With PricingHUB, experiment and adjust your prices in record time. Your prices are always adjusted at the right time.

The interface of this Pricing SaaS allows you to adjust according to the context
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Moving to PricingHUB has been a revolution. We went from a relatively non-dynamic pricing to a pricing based on conversion, and therefore on the consumer’s price acceptability!”

Alexandre Devanne

Head of Pricing

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Understand everything about price elasticity

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The interface generates different graphs following the collection of relevant pricing data

The nerve of war

The data

Our models are fed by various internal and external data sets with the highest possible level of granularity. We consolidate all relevant data sources and act on them. This gives you reliable, relevant, organized data that will allow you to make the right Pricing decisions.

The angular stone


Our experimental approach allows us to scientifically measure consumer price sensitivity and the impact of price optimization by isolating external noise (seasonal effect, contextual changes, etc…). The result: our engine quickly learns and you make informed decisions with reliable and relevant data.

the pricing solution has an interface showing the results of tests on price elasticity

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