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Pricing use cases

Our strategic approach

We combine our application modules to meet your needs.

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Traditional Retail
Deploying omnichannel strategies Web + Stores

Pure Players
High frequency price optimization

Price optimization of D2C and Marketplace channels

Pricing sectors

Our solution adapts to your industry

Consumer electronics

  Putting the consumer back at the center of price optimization
  Deploy a consistent omnichannel strategy
  Take into account the product life cycle

House & Garden

  Manage a heterogeneous catalog
  Deal with the effects of extreme seasonality
  Take price image into account
  Optimizing delivery costs

Auto parts

  Integrate vertical positioning of brands
  Optimize for high fixed costs and low margins
  Integrate dynamic purchase prices

Pet shop

  Management of the price image affected by the purchase frequency
  Chaining of identical products to varying quantities
  Price optimization of multiple bundled products


  Complex matchings with variable quantities
  Management of the duo: expiration date and stock

Strong inter-product cannibalization


Promotional performance measurement
Markdown Optimization

Use Case Pricing

We serve multiple use cases

Use case

Optimizing transfer prices to franchisees

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Use case

Multiple Trading Targets

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Use case

Delivery Fees Optimization

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Use case

Psychological Pricing

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Evaluate the potential of price elasticity on your business

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