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Unleash the power of Pricing

Optimize pricing with Artificial Intelligence to increase your sales and boost your margins.

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preview of the PricingHUB interface, a dynamic pricing solution

The Pricing solution dedicated to retail and e-commerce leaders

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Turnkey dynamic Pricing

Achieve your business goals

We combine your data, our solution’s AI and our teams’ expertise to recommend the best prices.

All-in-one Pricing solution
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*Average increment of optimized prices among our customers (measured vs. control groups)


Put the customer back at the heart of Pricing

Adjust your product prices based on changes in demand. Our solution, based on a cutting-edge methodology, leverages your data and AI to recommend optimal pricing.

Price elasticity at the heart of our solution


Step 1

Analyze your data

We consolidate and dissect all relevant data sources to optimize your P&L.


Step 2

Optimize your prices

Our solution automatically recommends prices adapted to your business objectives at the desired frequency.


Step 3

Measure the impact of pricing

Measure and track the contribution of your pricing actions to your sales performance.

Our expertise

The platform dedicated to Pricing

We combine your data, the AI of our solution and the expertise of our teams to recommend the best prices.

More than a solution, a team of experts
PricingHub's interface allows you to optimize your prices automatically with its pricing AI

Protect your margins

Use pricing as a lever to optimize your P&L.

Optimize your prices automatically

Adapt your prices according to multiple criteria (margin, inventory, elasticity, competition…).

Increase responsiveness

Make data-driven decisions.

Adjust your prices on a large scale

Execute your price adjustments on a large scale, at the desired frequency.

Adapt the tool to your context

Respect your business constraints and adapt to your organization’s needs.

Measure the business impact of your pricing

Track the impact of your strategies on your business goals.

Answer your questions about pricing

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Opt for a smart Pricing

Boost your margins

All-in-one solution

Intuitive and simple

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