PricingHUB is looking for born entrepreneurs who will jump in on the adventure to offer data driven pricing optimisation capabilities to the majority of retailers.

We particularly value proactive people, those who are curious to learn and able to find and implement practical solutions. We want people willing to push the boundaries of what they know and are ready to invest extra time to learn topics outside of their initial area of ​​expertise.

Career with


PricingHUB will provide you with an opportunity to work with smart, skilled ambitious yet open minded entrepreneurs. You will learn a lot and will be listened to as we also believe you will teach us a lot as well.



Working for PricingHUB will give you a great purpose to wake up and get at it. It's all about new challenges


PH is a good opportunity for a DS to be creative. It is about making your own way to be able to create the biggest value for the customer while differentiating from competitors.


PH is an exciting adventure, a great opportunity to use the latest technologies, and work in an inspiring environment.


PH is a great place to evolve as a DS. It allows people to evolve every day in a challenging environment with proactive coworkers.

Current Opening

Junior Data Scientist

Graduated from a top tier engineering school or university in mathematics or computer science, you already have relevant experience in data science. You have skills in algorithms, data analysis, R and python programming...

Back End Developer

Graduated from a top tier engineering school or university in mathematics or computer science, you already have relevant experience in web development where you already design, enhance, or build components or services for a web...

Customer Success

Graduated from an engineering, Business, Math, Economics or Finance degree you have a prior experience of 1 to 2 years in Pricing whether within a pricing department of a big retailer or a consulting firm...

Sales & Web Marketing

Driven and autonomous, you want to live an exciting human adventure by joining an early stage start-up and build a product from the beginning. Graduating from a masters degree in business...

Work culture

  • At PricingHUB we share a common vision about the future of retail and we believe that smart design, the latest technologies, and access to data create both great customer experience and value for retailers.
  • In that respect we want our teams to be working shaping this future by leveraging both data and the latest machine learning pricing optimization technologies.
  • We are a data-driven decision making company which applies lean management to its processes through a horizontal management scheme. 


Every day we foster a culture of humility, resilience, and fun. We want to produce best in class solutions thanks to a rigorous methodology and great attention to detail. Our company culture is supported by 4 key pillars:

Delivering Customer Value

PricingHub focuses on delivering financial value to clients by providing a Dynamic Pricing tool and great customer success team.

Speed and Agility

We move fast and iterate quickly thanks to a tight, efficient organisation as well an effective test and learn approach. We build data models and technologies that are scalable and easy to set up at the most granular level.

Commiting Culture

We create a company culture that encourages commitment. We want to have passionate and committed teams that want to learn, are curious and want to self develop.

Try, Fail, Try again … & SUCCEED

Teams have the right to be wrong. We learn from our errors and focus on improvement and being successful.