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E. Leclerc La Réunion
Deploying a pricing project in an inflationary environment

Find out how E. Leclerc La Réunion deploys our solution to optimize its prices, taking into account consumers’ price sensitivity in an inflationary context.

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“We had a lot of constraints, extremely specific needs, and despite everything we found solutions together. We were able to find these solutions thanks to the responsiveness, attentiveness and professionalism of the teams. In addition to the algorithms’ performance, PricingHUB’s team has a highly developed expertise in pricing.”

Marouène Jéziri

Pricing Manager – E. Leclerc La Réunion

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What you will find in this Success Story

How E. Leclerc La Réunion overcame its challenges by implementing a pricing strategy based on consumer price sensitivity

The different stages of the deployment of the solution and its results

E. Leclerc La Réunion teams' feedback on their new pricing tool


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