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Wanimo accelerates and secures its prices updates

Discover how Wanimo went from a time-consuming and expensive pricing strategy to adjusted prices in a few minutes and in complete security.

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It’s a revolution! We went from a pricing tool called Excel to a hyper modern tool. We manage our prices in 3 minutes. We are confindent in the prices that the site will recommend and the tool is very easy to understand and flexible.”

Yannick Gerbod

Responsible for purchases at Wanimo

Success Story Wanimo

What you will find in this Success Story

How Wanimo went from a pricing centered on the study of the competition to a pricing centered on the consumer

How the PricingHub tool adapted to Wanimo's business constraints and environment

Feedback from Wanimo's teams on the use of their new Pricing tool and the gains in control and reactivity


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