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Image from the podcast held by Jérôme Laurent from PricingHub

Covid-19 special podcast

Thanks to Cyril ARTUR du PLESSIS and One to One Retail E-Commerce Monaco for this interview!

A lot of things to say about the activation of pricing during the crisis and after the lockdown phase. Verticals reacted differently to the stakes of the pricing strategy according to their activity. During and after lockdown period, retailers and  e-commerce will need to understand and measure variations in price sensitivity of their customers, deploy new pricing strategies taking into account their inventory levels, that will help them optimise their working capital.

What next for the next few months?

A Sharp increase in consumer price sensitivity, large variations in demand that we will need to be able to anticipate.

To discuss how to activate pricing to fight Covid19, we organise a 45 min workshop that will focus on :

1. Prediction of demand.
2. Understanding price sensitivity.
3. Stock optimisation.
4. Ability to set up pricing that adapts very quickly to a dynamic context.

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