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Picture of the entrance of a Franprix store

Franprix optimizes its prices with PricingHUB by Les Clés du Digital

Franprix, part of the Casino Group, is revolutionizing its pricing strategy in collaboration with PricingHUB, as highlighted in a recent article by Les Clés du Digital. The retailer is abandoning Excel files in favor of our pricing automation tool, marking a major transition towards a more reactive and efficient approach.

In a nutshell

The article by Les Clés du Digital highlights Franprix’s digital transformation thanks to its collaboration with PricingHUB. The implementation of a pricing automation tool has made it possible to replace the old Excel files, offering the retailer a more agile and competitive approach in the challenging retail sector.

Marie Guignant Regnard, Head of Pricing and Data Science at Franprix, emphasizes the importance of this transition in unlocking the company’s internal price optimization potential. The IT teams played a crucial role, ensuring a successful roll-out in just three months.

The article also highlights the flexibility of our tool, enabling Franprix to centralize various data sources, such as the product repository, till receipts and competitive data. To find out more, read our Customer Success Story !

This new pricing strategy adopted by Franprix is part of a wider trend in food retailing to optimize prices by taking into account consumer sensitivity and adapting quickly to contextual changes.

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