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Picture of Fnac employee discussing with a client

Fnac Darty reinvents its pricing strategy with PricingHUB by Les Clés du Digital

Les Clés du Digital presents Fnac Darty’s radical transformation in their historic collaboration with PricingHUB. Rather than following traditional pricing trends, Fnac Darty has embraced a consumer-centric approach thanks to our SaaS solution!

In a nutshell

The article highlights Fnac Darty’s shift from a competition- and supplier-based pricing strategy to an approach focused on price elasticity and customer satisfaction. Carole Prat, formerly Pricing & Performance Analysis Director at Fnac Darty, explains how this new approach puts the customer back at the heart of pricing decisions. Read our Customer Success Story here to find out more!

The deployment of PricingHUB for Fnac Darty in France has already brought concrete results, with an increase in margin mass of 7% and sales of 1% on certain product categories. In the near future, it will be integrated with electronic labels to enable near-real-time price adjustments in all 400 stores in France.

This article highlights Fnac Darty’s bold strategy in overhauling its pricing strategy, underlining the importance of putting the customer at the center of pricing decisions to improve profitability. To find out more, visit Les Clés du Digital website by clicking here.

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