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Lafayette Plug and Play: acceleration program

We are proud to announce that we joined the 8th batch of Lafayette Plug and Play acceleration program for the next 3 months with 15 others start-ups. The first European retail business accelerator with a great ecosystem of innovative Start-ups and Scale-ups.

The purpose of this 3-month program is to accelerate business growth and facilitate the commercial relation with big companies thanks to contracts sign during tailored meeting with corporate partnership of the Lafayette Plug and Play program.

Here is a message from Pieter Lammens, director of Lafayette Plug and Play about the benefits of the program :

“Our unique methodology enables concrete business results to be achieved by bringing solutions together driven by innovative start-ups and the precise needs expressed by our partners in various fields ranging from pre-sales to customer loyalty, via the supply chain and the online or offline purchasing process. The hyper-qualification of the start-ups in our ecosystem brings real time savings for entrepreneurs and our corporate partner”.

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