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Picture from The customer success team with left to right : Daniel, Alexandre, Louis, Joanna

Satisfaction and loyalty: discover the team that takes care of you every day

Meet our Customer Success team!

At PricingHUB, our Customer Success team plays an essential role in guiding our customers to success. Their main mission? To ensure that every customer takes full advantage of our pricing solution and achieves tangible results. To achieve this, our CSMs work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs, define clear objectives and implement customized strategies.


Olivier’s word

Picture of Olivier, CSM team's manager“I love the diversity of customers and people we interact with. The challenges for a large international company with hundreds of stores and for medium-sized e-commerce players are so different that it feels like having several jobs in one day! But they all share the same goal: to offer their customers the best possible experience. And we have to help them.”

Olivier – Head of CSM


The process begins with the first contact with PricingHUB, where our CSMs take the time to listen carefully to each customer’s business challenges. Then, thanks to in-depth data analysis and cutting-edge pricing expertise, they come up with tailor-made strategic recommendations to optimize pricing and achieve your objectives.


Alexandre’s word


Picture of Alexandre, member of the CSM team“My favorite part of the role is meeting the challenges presented by our customers. Indeed, given the importance of a well-defined pricing strategy, the diversity and sometimes complexity of these challenges are a daily source of stimulation.”

Alexandre – CSM


The Customer Success team at PricingHUB is organized to provide ongoing, personalized support to our customers. Each customer is assigned a dedicated CSM who acts as their main point of contact throughout their journey with us. This approach ensures smooth communication, a thorough understanding of customer needs and maximum responsiveness to any request.


Daniel’s word


Picture of Daniel, member of the CSM team“A good CSM must have the problem-solving skills to help customers establish and refine their pricing strategy, the technical knowledge to implement it effectively in the application, and the communication skills to convey the results to stakeholders. This diversity is challenging and I love that”

Daniel – CSM


When you choose PricingHUB, you benefit not only from our state-of-the-art technology, but also from the invaluable support of our Customer Success team. Together, we’ll help you unlock new opportunities and exceed your business objectives.


Joanna’s word


Picture of Joanna, member of the CSM team“The human connection and understanding of different customer needs helps make customer success more successful, which drives me forward every day.”

Joanna –  CSM


We firmly believe that our customers’ success is our own success. With our Customer Success team by your side, you can rest assured that you have the support, expertise and commitment you need to thrive in a competitive marketplace.


Louis’s word


Picture of Louis, member of the CSM team

Louis –  CSM


Join us today and let us help you reach new heights of business performance.


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