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The contribution of AI to Franprix pricing by Republik Retail

New article from Republik Retail on our collaboration with Franprix!
During the first Pépites du retail special AI broadcast, Laurent Rapoport, Executive Director of Franprix, shared the impact of AI on his retailer, highlighting its use in pricing and marketing.

AI at the service of business teams

AI in pricing

For Franprix, AI is a central element of its innovation, with an emphasis on test and learn. That’s why the company, which generated sales of 1.5 billion euros in 2023 has equipped itself with our pricing tool. “We can now better optimize prices, calculate the price elasticity of certain products and therefore have the optimum pricing to maximize store sales and margins,” testifies Laurent.

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AI in marketing 

“We’re in a test-and-learn mode, launching a number of initiatives on generative AI,” explains the distributor’s executive director. This technology has already entered the mainstream, particularly with marketing teams who use it to generate content.”

Thanks to our AI pricing solution, Franprix intends to continue its expansion and stay one step ahead of the competition in convenience retailing!

Many thanks to Republik Retail le média for this article, which you can read in full here!

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