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ROI pricing software

What return on investment (ROI) can I expect from my pricing software?

The return on investment (ROI) of our pricing tool is often in the double digits!

But how do we calculate this return on investment?

We have developed a calculation of the creation of added value which is part of our core business. Our dynamic pricing solution (“dynamic pricing SaaS”) makes it possible to calculate the value creation generated specifically by pricing actions. This, thanks to the establishment of control groups defined by our artificial intelligence.

The algorithm of our pricing tool offers the possibility of scientifically measuring the performance of optimizations made on our clients’ prices.

Why consider our pricing tool? Because the numbers speak for themselves!

Whatever type of optimizations our pricing solution offers, our customers gain:

In Rule based Pricing, it is +11% in turnover and +20% in volumes for the year 2022.

Rule based pricing consists of optimizing prices by following rules and constraints, often competitively aligned.

On the Target based Pricing side, it’s +2.5% margin mass, +4.1% turnover and +2.6% volume in 2022! (Average increment of optimized prices among our customers measured vs. control groups).

Target-based Pricing is, for its part, a price optimization method that takes advantage of consumers’ price sensitivity to achieve defined business objectives.

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